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Physical activity in a safe, fun and nurturing environment.
Help with English, Math, Science, Social Studies and test preparation.
Caring adults helping our youth reach their potential.
Our Mission

To provide holistic programming that fosters physical activity, academic excellence, and emotional well-being to help children become well-rounded student-athletes and productive citizens.

Help us elevate our youth

Every donation helps us elevate our youth. Your gift could help a needy child participate in sports or get help with schoolwork.


    posted 09/03/2018

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    posted 03/09/2018

    Metropolitan Youth Foundation will be participating in the Sun Belt Conference Sports Fest in conjunction with their Men's and Women's Baske…

    posted 09/14/2017

    Metropolitan Youth Foundation is excited to announce our newest program initiative: MindStar!

    MindStar participants can get help with Math,…

    posted 02/24/2017

    Metropolitan Youth Foundation Coaches attended the JrNBA Coach's Forum at Tulane University on Friday, February 17, 2017. The forum was very…

    posted 01/14/2017

    Welcome to our new website. Please browse to learn more about our initiatives and programs.

    Please come back and visit often for up-to-date…

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