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We live in extraordinary times.  Our children are living in the information age; they have information literally at their fingertips on their smartphone. Although they have access to a huge amount of information, many of our children are just not excelling. Many children are on their own after school hours because most parents work long hours to support their families. Children on their own without supervision often go down the wrong path.

Make no mistake, there are many pitfalls out there ready to take our children out of the game. But I believe we, as a society and community of caring adults, can turn things around for our young people and keep them on track to becoming successful student-athletes and productive members of the community.

My fervent desire is to use the programs offered by Metropolitan Youth Foundation to uplift our youth, expand their horizons and help them become the well-rounded, productive adults they all have the potential to become. 

Join me in this worthy endeavor! Get Involved! Lend your time and expertise or simply donate to help fund our programs. 

Thank You!


Kerry T. Williams, Jr

Executive Director







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